It has often been said that the City of Miami, Florida, is too young to have a history. While it is a relatively young city by this country’s standard, and very young in the context of world history, the Magic City, as it was nicknamed during the incorporation year of 1896, it full of fascinating people, places, and stories throughout its more than 125-year history.

The purpose of this website is to share extensive research into the stories that have provided the foundation for a fascinating municipality. While not everyone has fallen in love with the Greater Miami area, its contemporary inner-workings and history, many have found it fascinating.

As the founder of this project, I like to say that I share the micro-history of South Florida. Whether it is a story of a building and the property it does or once resided, or whether it was the biography of one of the city’s many interesting pioneers, this website will elaborate on the timeline and anecdotes that make the topic interesting.

While South Florida’s history is a passion project of mine, it does require a significant investment in online research subscriptions, hosting platforms, software subscriptions, and the purchase and licensing of images and video. The purpose of offering this Blog site as a freemium service is to help cover the costs and time necessary to bring each of you these stories.

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Sharing the stories of the historic figures, events, and places that have shaped the Magic City into a vibrant and fascinating municipality.


I am a fourth generation South Florida resident who is passionate about local history. I research, write, podcast, and produce videos on Miami's vibrant and fascinating history.